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Manish Sisodia - Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi - Biography.

Manish Sisodia - The Journey of a Visionary Leader

Manish Sisodia is a visionary leader and the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, India. He has dedicated his life to improving education and healthcare in the country. In this blog, we will take a closer look at Manish Sisodia's life, career, and achievements.


Manish Sisodia was born on February 5, 1972, in Pilkhuwa, a small village in the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh, India. He grew up in a modest family and was the youngest of seven siblings. Despite facing financial challenges, Sisodia was determined to succeed in life and pursue his dreams.


Sisodia completed his schooling from a government school in Pilkhuwa and later moved to Delhi to pursue higher education. He graduated from the University of Delhi with a degree in commerce and went on to complete his master's degree in journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication.

Early Career

After completing his education, Sisodia started his career as a journalist and worked for several newspapers and news channels. However, his passion for social activism led him to leave his job and join the NGO sector. He worked with NGOs like Kabir and Parivartan, where he focused on issues like RTI and education.

Political Career


In 2012, Sisodia joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), a political party that was founded on the principles of anti-corruption and good governance. He played a crucial role in the formation of the party and was one of its founding members. In 2013, he was elected as a member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly from the Patparganj constituency.

As an MLA, Sisodia took charge of the education portfolio and worked tirelessly to improve the education system in Delhi. He introduced several innovative initiatives like the Happiness Curriculum, which focuses on the mental well-being of students, and the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum, which aims to promote entrepreneurship among students.

In 2015, when the AAP formed the government in Delhi, Sisodia was appointed as the Deputy Chief Minister of the state. He continued to hold the education portfolio and also took charge of the finance portfolio. As the finance minister, he implemented several reforms to improve the financial health of the state.


 Under Sisodia's leadership, the Delhi education system has undergone a remarkable transformation. The Happiness Curriculum, which was launched in 2018, has received global recognition and has been adopted by several other countries. The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum has also been widely appreciated and has helped students develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

Sisodia's efforts to improve the healthcare system in Delhi have also been commendable. In 2018, he launched the Mohalla Clinics initiative, which provides free primary healthcare services to the residents of Delhi. The initiative has been hugely successful and has been lauded by several international organizations.

Sisodia has also been a vocal advocate of good governance and transparency. He has worked towards making the Delhi government more accountable to the people and has introduced several initiatives like the Citizen's Charter, which aims to make government services more efficient and citizen-friendly.


Manish Sisodia is a visionary leader who has dedicated his life to improving the lives of people in Delhi. His innovative initiatives in the education and healthcare sectors have brought about a significant change in the system. His commitment to good governance and transparency has set an example for others to follow. We hope that his efforts will inspire others to work towards creating a better India.

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